About us

The noise that passes through a window or door becomes annoying over time because it is repetitive. It is a sound nuisance that accumulates overtime for the person who experiences it and can cause fatigue, discomfort and sometimes even stress daily. The RidPhonic 15dB anti-noise curtain uses an acoustic wave damping system called Mass Spring Mass. The principle is to weaken the sound power of the noise as it passes through the different layers that make up the RidPhonic.


The effectiveness of the RidPhonic is due to its ability to trap the acoustic wave through the different insulating layers designed for this purpose.


The density of the textures that make up the RidPhonic is carefully studied and adapted to fulfill the function of acoustic insulation while maintaining the functional and aesthetic flexibility of the curtain.


The RidPhonic curtain reduces noise up to 15dB, such as outdoor surrounding noise in large cities, building entrance noise, and everyday noises between 2 rooms.


The RidPhonic anti-noise curtain evolves and is declined in different sectors of activity such as the industrial sector and the tertiary sector (Open Space). We propose that the RidPhonic Industry reduces the machine noise and the RidPhonic Box to create a quiet haven in Open Space. To be continued..